MAP Announces 10th Annual Presidential Award Recipients

Nine diverse businesses demonstrate how commitment to great leadership habits and empowered, aligned teams create remarkable success.

The winners run the gamut in terms of industries and types of customers served. However, when it comes to the 10th Annual MAP Presidential Award recipients, these diverse businesses share several things in common.

The companies receiving this year’s coveted award have effectively implemented the MAP Management System™, a proven business-management solution provided by MAP. They’ve also leveraged their commitment to key business-management habits to build disciplined leaders and empower aligned teams. The winning organizations have used MAP’s System and customized consulting to help execute Vital Factors® Goals—a critical, differentiating factor fueling and sustaining their success.

Honoring that remarkable commitment to excellence, the MAP Presidential Award celebrates and reinforces the leaders who’ve developed their ability to drive MAP’s System down into their companies. In addition, it recognizes those companies’ employees who’ve embraced accountability for the system and delivered measurable results in return.

“These nine honorees come from the retail, financial, construction, legal, real estate and a host of highly distinct industries,” says John Manning, president of MAP, the Los Angeles-based firm that has helped 170,000 leaders in more than 15,000 organizations over the past 50+ years. “This demonstrates that the MAP Management System™ and a sharp focus on the right business-management and leadership habits enable significant success, regardless of a company’s industry. With this year’s recipients, their aligned commitment has paid off across the board, and each truly deserves this notable recognition.”

The 2014 winners have all used MAP’s unique process discipline to strengthen their bottom line through on-target business-plan execution and the achievement of Vital Factors® Goals. The criteria for the Presidential Award include:

  • Implementation of the MAP Management System™ throughout the organization;
  • Significant improvement in company Vital Factors®, the critical elements that sustain business growth;
  • Establishment of consistent, effective leadership that provides clear company direction;
  • Reinforcement of company values through consistently "walking the talk"; and
  • Demonstration of the overall, hard work of its executives, management and employees.

MAP's 2014 Presidential Award winners receive recognition from MAP's leadership and consulting team, media/public acknowledgement, and mentions through MAP's website and cutting-edge communications. This year's winners include:


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