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    Employee Engagement

    Why Don't My Employees Know What's Important?

    How does a busy business leader keep their front-line in the loop about large-scale company goals? And why should they? What benefit does that bring the company?

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    Strategy and Execution

    Which Comes First: The Goal or the Strategy?

    Most business leaders don’t realize that, to be successful, strategy must come first. Creating a goal is a way to measure what you want to achieve. Strategy is about choices, trade-offs, and defining the unique value you are going to deliver.

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    Strategy and Execution

    Develop a “What’s the Goal?” Mindset

     Whenever you’re assigned a new responsibility,
    task or endeavor, the three most important words you can ask yourself are:
    “What’s the goal?” And that can be applied to anything and everything you do.
    When you ask yourself that question, never assume the first answer is the right

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    Three Things You Can Do Tonight to Build Better Focus Tomorrow

    With so many tasks and responsibilities to tackle, the enormity of your job can feel like a heavy, unmanageable, cloudy mass looming just above your shoulders. Planning is an important aspect of management that creates needed direction.

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    Leadership and Management

    Helping Outside Help

    ​In today’s world, more and more organizations are turning to outside resources in order to get important jobs done. Here are three ways to manage your outside resources and benefit both sides of the partnership equation.

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    Strategy and Execution

    Deliver Your Vital Goals

    Whether you’re in business for yourself or work for an organization, it’s a certainty that you have many goals to accomplish. To keep from feeling overwhelmed, invest some time reviewing your list of goals, and determine the “Vital Few."


​ The Disciplined Leader

What do the best leaders have in common? The answer is one word: Discipline. A disciplined leader is one who identifies and focuses on the Vital Few: the 20% of activities that will drive 80% of the results. Learn More

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