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    Leadership and Management

    Become a Daily, Disciplined Planner

    Heard the old saying that “if you fail to plan then you’re planning to fail”?

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    Leadership and Management

    Build Your Network

    LinkedIn “is to business what Google is to search,” according to Rick Itzkowich, a marketing consultant whose expertise with...

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    Customer Service and Loyalty

    Put Customers in the Crosshairs of Decision-Making

    If your company is like most, its success is dependent in some degree or other on happy, loyal customers.

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    Leadership and Management

    Pick Your Battles

    You’re the boss. You know best. And you’re willing to fight to the death to prove it, right? Wrong. Effective leaders know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.

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    Leadership and Management

    Be in the Moment

    It takes real discipline to give people your undivided attention especially when you’re overwhelmed with work or are simply having a bad day.

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    Company Culture

    From Casual to Committed

    “If your employees don’t know where you’re going, almost any road will get them there.” These are words that send chills through the hearts of leaders everywhere. And it’s why they work hard to develop business plans for their workforce to follow.


​ The Disciplined Leader

What do the best leaders have in common? The answer is one word: Discipline. A disciplined leader is one who identifies and focuses on the Vital Few: the 20% of activities that will drive 80% of the results. Learn More

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