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    Leadership and Management

    Constructing Criticism

    A lot of people ask me, “As an executive leader, how do you create an environment where the people who ultimately report to you can look you in the eyes and criticize you for the sake of the business?”

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    Leadership and Management

    Doing a Gut-Check

    What’s the best way to transform yourself from hustling entrepreneur to foundational CEO? Being a founder of a company and working as a CEO take two very different skill sets, and having one doesn’t mean you’re good
    at both.

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    Leadership and Management

    Would You Hire Yourself to be CEO?

    There’s a huge difference between being an entrepreneur and being a CEO. The drives are different, the needs of the business are different, and the skills are different.

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    Leadership and Management

    Habitual Ritual

    Looking back on my time as CEO, and at my life today, I don’t think there is such a thing as “work-life balance.” It’s more like work-life integration.

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    Talent Management

    The War on Fun

    It’s fun to work at a company that’s competitive. But it’s not fun to work for one that’s combative. There’s a big difference between the two.

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    Employee Engagement

    That Kid

    How often do you ask your people, “Where are you trying to go? What’s your vision?” and, most importantly, “How can I help you get there?”


​ The Disciplined Leader

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