Making Trust Happen: How Pandemic-Proof Leaders Use Goals to Retain Focus for Themselves & Their Teams

It’s nearly impossible today to turn on the news and not hear some story that relates to the topic of trust. In particular, trust in leaders.

While studies show that leadership trust is at historic lows, there’s a very different, noteworthy leadership “story” we keep seeing among our Management Action Programs (MAP)  clients.

The story that keeps surfacing is that it IS possible to meet challenges, even those presented by the pandemic, the recession, and the ongoing uncertainty facing our country and world. The leaders within companies such as Goettl, 30 Seconds® Cleaners, Trademark Concrete and others are proving that building and sustaining trust isn’t just doable but essential, particularly when it comes to the credibility and resiliency of both internal and external business operations.

What’s making trust possible to build, plus easier to uphold for these business leaders? Among the positive habits of trustworthy leaders, goal-achievement—through customized, strategic execution—plays a big role in making trust happen.

The very best, most disciplined leaders set and consistently hit their goals. The people they lead set and hit their goals. And the organization at large sets and hits its goals. Collectively focused on and aligned around their goals, they all drive achievement through accountability and, in the case of MAP clients, by using the MAP Vital Factors® System. Fail to set and achieve goals, nothing—and eventually no one—can be trusted. Succeed in setting and achieving goals, trust soars and becomes ingrained in the culture.

The MAP Vital Factors System comes with a proven, personalized approach that empowers leaders and organizations to set a course and see it through with goals and controls. Equally important, it comes with proven leadership tools and technology, like the convenient MAPapp that makes tracking and managing goals easy.

Right at your fingertips, this 24/7 digitized dashboard empowers you and all those you lead to set, monitor and measure goals, share results and successes, plus record action items to course correct, build momentum and consistently deliver results. Leaders don’t have time to deal with lots of spreadsheets and paperwork or computer searches to check up on goals. Leadership tech tools like the MAPapp remain critical in managing this responsibility faster and better.

In today’s competitive, often erratic business climate, having consistency around accountability gives you crucial leverage. The right system, backed by proven processes and leadership accountability tools, will deliver results, giving your organization that competitive advantage. But more importantly, it can position and secure your leadership story to be one of trust.

The MAPapp – Accountability at Your Fingertips – is coming soon! Stay tuned! 


​ The Disciplined Leader

What do the best leaders have in common? The answer is one word: Discipline. A disciplined leader is one who identifies and focuses on the Vital Few: the 20% of activities that will drive 80% of the results. Learn More

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