Today Business is Booming for Some—Here’s Why!

In business news, you may have heard or personally witnessed that in spite of the pandemic, companies big and small aren’t all cutting back or folding altogether. In their response and recovery, some have capitalized on agility, innovation and proven business practices to keep doors open and even expand.

Consider newcomer At Home, whose CEO recently announced that the home décor chain of 219 stores plans to triple its brick-and-mortar locations to 600+ nationwide. Marketing its large warehouse where people can safely social distance while shopping (think: innovation!) as well as it “value,” thanks to affordable options, this operation has found a niche and is charging forward. A number of similar retailers have reported that as people are spending more time at home, they are investing in decorating and sprucing things up. This industry is capitalizing on consumer demand in general, even as some similar brands continue to fold.

Here at Management Action Programs (MAP), we can look to a number of clients who’ve successfully sustained goals and growth during our uncertain times, including COLLIER Manufacturing, LLC. Best known under the brand 30 SECONDS® Cleaners, this essential business faced strong demand for its products when the pandemic hit. It’s owners, Jill and James Collier, also had a vital tool in their hands—the MAP Management System™, which has been helping their organization accelerate performance and get results since 2014. As captured in a recent case study, when COVID-19 hit, this company met the marketplace need “without a frenzied, frenetic approach, thanks to the Collier’s discipline in applying the MAP System and embracing that proven structure.” Expanding their footprint and empowering both existing and new hires through MAP’s accountability system, the company is exceeding sales goals, which have increased a whopping 700% in five years.

So amid uncertain times, bright spots do exist, and the takeaways for leaders and businesses are worth noting:

Innovation is your friend. Cultivating new ideas and nourishing cultures that welcome fresh and different thoughts can shift mindsets and generate real possibilities for change, in times good and bad.

Got Courage? Use a plan of attack. Lots of leaders want to charge valiantly forward with their great ideas. But without an accountability plan, it’s like sailing a ship without a map or building a home without blueprints. For example, you may be used to jotting out your daily to-dos, an important leadership habit. But even more impactful is a robust plan that aligns and creates accountability for all your managers, teams and staff members.

A proven accountability system makes the difference. Prior to using the MAP System, the Colliers had no formal plan and no goals and controls. With a plan and a proven system, they managed to expand their staff from 6 to 34 employees, open a second location, and evolved into a recognized brand—today, Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Tractor Supply, Amazon and other major nation retailers carry their products. The data shows that focusing on what’s vital and measuring performance through a systemized, disciplined approach is what transforms organizations and, importantly, during the toughest of times can sustain and even accelerate critical growth.

Tell about your success with innovation and accountability systems—what’s working for you?


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