Be a Grateful Leader

be a grateful leaderWith Thanksgiving just days away, there’s a lot of talk about football, family and food. Millions of fortunate people will gather with loved ones, mention some words of thanks, and then return to work when the Holiday is over. Adopting a grateful mindset throughout the year at work will make you a better leader. Being grateful is much more than just about giving “thanks.” It’s a behavioral style. A position. A mindset. A value. An attitude. And a choice. When things get out of whack, the grateful outlook will give you a much-needed perspective and balance. It’s productive, inspiring and downright important. Moreover, being grateful is something that’s always within your control.

Every day that you wake up, you have the ability to count your blessings, and you do have blessings, no matter how small they may seem at times. Here are some guidelines for becoming more grateful:

  • Don’t make it so you have to go to your best friend’s funeral to discover what you are grateful about. Be grateful now. Make it an in-the-moment mandate.
  • Make gratefulness a permanent mindset. The way you do that is through discipline. Find opportunities or create the time and space to pause and reflect on what’s positive about even the most difficult or challenging situations. Slow down, really listen to what’s being said, and then think before reacting with unbridled words, negative emotion, anger, pessimism or energy. Pay attention to the voices in your head, hushing those that bring you down and encouraging those that lift you up.
  • Don’t pretend to be some “Pollyanna” if that’s simply not your nature. Do foster your grateful attitude in ways that feel natural and real. Do that kind of gratefulness more often, pushing your comfort level in this way. It will be credible then, and when others trust and believe in your genuine gratefulness, you will earn more respect as a leader.
  • Change slowly if that feels best, and consider creating a plan with your “goals for gratefulness” if it’s helpful or holds you accountable. You’ll simply be more successful.
  • Gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving. Change your perspective by adopting a more grateful mindset, and you’ll notice that others do, too. This kind of attitude shift can transform the workplace morale and culture, impact your relationships with your team members, and reward you in ways that were previously unimaginable. You’ll reap the benefits of a more productive, profitable environment that’s full of possibilities and potential.

What are some ways to adopt a more grateful mindset?


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