It’s Go Time! Ignite, Sustain Motivation This Year

I don’t know about you, but one of the most refreshing things about starting a New Year is the clean slate it provides. It’s like you can take a deep breath, exhale around what’s not been working this past year, marvel at the successes, and then get genuinely jazzed about what you’ve planned the next 12 months. In short, it’s go time! So in the spirit of motivation, let’s focus on how to ignite and build consistent momentum for yourself, your team and your organization. In the spirit of working toward your vital goals this year:

Get out of your own way. What is it about your professional (or even personal) habits that prevent you from achieving goals big and small? If you don’t know, set aside time in the near future to figure this out, then make a commitment to tackle those barriers head on, get out of your own way, and established activities that move you daily toward your goals. If you’re unaware of how you’re preventing your own success, turn to a trusted mentor or, if you’re a MAP client, get feedback around what’s undermined achievement in the days, months and even years past. If you don’t know how to tackle it, ask for help. As a leader, you can do this—and in demonstrating your motivation to change, you’re role-modeling this behavior for your people, sending the message that goal achievement depends on it.

Rally your troops. Give your organization a productivity boost and shot of confidence not just at the beginning of the year but on a regular basis. If you don’t already, set up weekly if not daily opportunities to rally your troops, pulling your people together for a quick review of organization and individual goals. Use this practice to connect and building alignment. This doesn’t have to take more than 15 minutes of your time. Identify potential roadblocks (that you can follow up on and address ASAP) and, perhaps most importantly, call out and celebrate wins. As noted by a study cited in Harvard Business Review, the power in the positive is real. When it comes to motivation, immediate, positive feedback outweighs the benefits of being critical or punitive.

Mind your business. This doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to what’s happening around you…but it does mean that once you’ve inspired your people and as long as they have the tools, resources and know-how to do their jobs, step back and let them perform. If, instead, you fall into the trap of micromanaging, this won’t only undermine productivity but the self-worth of your people. Delegate as best you can and focus on what’s vital to your leadership success. This will support everyone’s daily productivity and sustain a culture of empowerment that’s essential to every healthy, high-performing organization.

We all have the need to get out of our own way—what roadblock is toughest for you?


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