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how to make success happen now at workIf you’re like most natural-born leaders, you’re probably known as someone who’s got a relentless passion for growing more, doing more, and simply “being” more. But passion needs action, specifically, you must tap your higher than usual achievement drive by acting on your dreams.

Is there a promotional opportunity or potential advancement in your midst?

Stand apart from the crowd by putting a plan in place that will increase your odds of getting what you want. Display leadership in your current role and take on more responsibilities. Meet with your boss to share your goals, ask for support, and get feedback. Then execute your plan to move on to that next level. Don’t wait for some stroke of luck to shape your career — make your success happen NOW.

Here’s how:

Help your boss. If you want to get promoted or advance your career, sit down with your boss to talk about your goals. Then ask whether you can offload any responsibilities from his/her plate, notably any duties that align with your career needs or dreams. Having this frank discussion demonstrates your professional maturity and that valued “go-getter” characteristic while revealing your willingness to support your boss and the company’s goals. (Note: It’s problematic if you can’t have such a candid conversation with your superior, and the chances of getting promoted or supported are not good in this environment.)

Volunteer for high visibility assignments. When it comes to major initiatives, special programs or “change” projects, companies generally pull for talent from the existing workforce first. If such an opportunity arises within your organization, create visibility for yourself, promoting your skills and talents relative to the need. In addition, develop or cultivate relationships with those who will make or influence the hiring/assigning decision. Show ‘em what you’ve got and why they need to choose you!

Study success. Examples of excellence proliferates our world, but who do YOU admire? What do your favorite leaders do that’s unique, works every time, has an impact on the world, creates a dynamic culture, defies the odds, and commands respect? Pay attention to what they say and do, e.g., how they dress, manage, communicate, and care. Adapt those behaviors to your own professional guidelines and use this blueprint to build your personal version of success.

In building relationships with those who can support advancement in your career, how do you avoid being perceived as a “brown noser”?


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