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Is this the year to “up” your leadership competency (aka awesomeness)? Studies show that there’s immense value in leadership programs, not just value related to developing the leader but for the benefit of building up your people and your organization’s bottom line. Full disclaimer, this is not an advertisement for us. While MAP Consulting offers a very successful leadership program that’s helped 15,000 companies and 170,000 leaders worldwide since 1960, what we want to talk about here is the domino effect of leadership development, something that may light a fire, igniting you to create a new and consistent discipline that renews or give fresh life to your leadership excellence. If you already have a leadership development plan in place—but it’s been collecting dust on a shelf—let this be the inspiration to brush it off, review it for update needs, and put it to use today! Get going, giving this free professional development plan template a try. Among the benefits, you can likely expect:

Better leadership. Duh! No, seriously, what we’re talking about is akin to that old saying, “What you focus on grows.” When you zoom in on better leadership and create discipline around that, you will grow, become more effective and impactful, and experience amazing quantitative and qualitative benefits in return. Your job will have more meaning. You’ll experience more synergy between you and your people. It’s no silver bullet. Problems will surface. Emergencies will occur. The unexpected will crop up—things outside your control and things you could maybe have controlled. Good news: Having a consistent focus around disciplined leadership will serve you well in any and all of the above scenarios. It will also give you…

Better people. When you learn the value of developing yourself as a leader, you’ll truly understand the value of developing your people. By that, we don’t just mean your leadership team or management but everyone you hire, everyone who plays a role in ensuring your organization and its brand are a success. Dedicate resources to educating, training and celebrating your people and you won’t just get people who know how to do their jobs better. You’ll get people who are happier. More empowered. More productive. More FUN! This builds a healthy, invigorated culture, one that people don’t want leave. They’ll want to keep working for you, which, by the way, will save beaucoup dollars in employee retention efforts. Which takes us to the…

Better bottom line. Garrett Futrell, CEO of Industrial Threat and Products made a decision to become a focused, disciplined leader. How? He made a number of small but consistent changes, namely following a simple plan he created with the guidance and accountability of his MAP consultant. What he experienced shocked him. With those few simple changes, that domino effect took place, impacting him, his people, the organization and his bottom line. In the first year of his leadership development, his company saved $100K, which had a significant impact on this company’s bottom line. Early into his second year of leadership development discipline, he’d already found ways to save another $100K. And that’s just savings. Organizations aligned around common goals and strategies, executing as a cohesive, energized, goal-oriented culture don’t just save an organization precious dollars; they consistently perform, innovate and find new, exciting and creative ways to make more dollars. As Futrell explains in this interview, it quite simple: Better leadership. Better people. Better bottom line.

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What do the best leaders have in common? The answer is one word: Discipline. A disciplined leader is one who identifies and focuses on the Vital Few: the 20% of activities that will drive 80% of the results. Learn More

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