Getting to Growth: How to Embrace Barriers and Jumpstart Professional Development

When it comes to developing as a leader or addressing barriers around your business, there’s a really important question to right out of the gate.

The question may seem obvious. But here it is: Do you really WANT to grow?

It’s not a consideration to take lightly. Ever since we started delivering professional development solutions to our clients—as far back as 1960—we’ve lifted up leaders who really wanted to grow. And we’ve worked with those who thought they wanted to grow but, because they lacked something key to professional development, ultimately found it impossible.

What is that “something” big? In short, a growth mindset‚ which is all about being actively open to pushing comfort zones, doing better as a leader, and truly believing in your potential.

At MAP, we talk a lot about professional development because it’s what we do. A huge, over-arching part of our client work and a major component to our 2.5-day workshop, professional development taps that growth-mindset to ignite change and get real leadership results. That said, even the most growth-oriented leaders face barriers.

So, do you really want to grow? If yes, congratulations! You’ve already overcome the first vital barrier to professional development: YOU! Your next step (which should be somewhat easy with that growth mindset) is to see how every barrier blocking your potential is an opportunity to learn, change and grow. In this sense, barriers are good. Something to embrace.

In our workshop, we delve deep into barriers, exploring a number of the most common culprits. Here’s a sampling—do they resonate with you?

Common Barrier #1: Time management. It’s a biggie. Most developing leaders struggle with it. If time management is a barrier for you, it’s “time” to get more strategic around your calendar, manage commitments, delegate more effectively, and gain greater control over meetings.

Common Barrier #2: Uncertainty about what and how to develop. This entails going through a strengths and opportunities analysis, peering inward and honestly seeing what needs development as well as getting objective, 360-degree feedback.

Common Barrier #3: No plan. Disciplined, effective leaders commit to a professional development plan. Do this, and it will become a blueprint for your organization, the rudder to the “ship” you’re steering, ensuring the right destination is reached. Having this plan is the catalyst for your success, making the difference between professional fulfillment or failure.

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