MAP Client Spotlight: DeepSky

Michael Hsu has always been good with numbers, so it’s fitting that his passion lies in helping other entrepreneurs who shy away from the numbers part of the business, or simply don’t have the complete financial literacy needed to run a successful company. DeepSky is more than your typical outsourced CFO firm in that the strategic consulting is just as big as crunching the numbers. Michael believes that entrepreneurs are the solution to the world’s problems, so helping his clients isn’t just about getting a paycheck, but improving the human experience.

Q&A with Michael Hsu, CEO of DeepSky:

Q: What’s been the biggest challenge for you during the pandemic?

A: The emotional challenges during this time have been taxing. As CEOs and business owners the weight of our teams lives and security falls on us. We SHOULD be emotional about it… it’s a big deal! It’s human to be emotional, but then you also have to balance that with running a company and keeping the doors open. It’s the CEOs responsibility to set the tone for how the culture is going to develop through the hard times, and to embed resiliency within your team.

Q: How have you personally benefited from MAP Coaching?

A: Having a MAP coach is the best money I can spend as the leader of DeepSky. Every time I have a coaching session, I view the business from a different (and much needed) perspective. Throughout the pandemic, my coach Ryan Flower helped me with my mind space and to stay focused on the execution of our strategies, regardless of the rapidly changing environment.

Q: How would you describe the MAP 2.5 Day Workshop?

A: In one word… transformational. The 360° Assessment was incredibly eye-opening and I recommend it for every leader. It creates an awareness that you would never have otherwise. I was able to learn, address and adapt some of my personal leadership gaps, which has made me a stronger CEO and has created more trust and transparency within my team.

Q: What piece of advice do you have to offer to other entrepreneurs and CEOs?

A: Knowing your numbers equals knowing yourself. So many business owners run their companies on emotion, and feelings are not reality… that’s where systems and processes come into play. Steer clear of knee-jerk reactions driven by emotion, and in those moments get back to your systems and numbers to help you navigate the right decisions. 


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