Job Benchmarking: Hiring, Developing, and Retaining “A” Players Using Predictive Analytics [Webinar]

job benchmarking hiring developing and retaining a players using predictive analytics webinarAs Jim Collins, author of Good to Great states, “People are not your most important asset. The right people are.” Finding the right talent for the job is challenging and time consuming.

Now you can gain the highest level of confidence in your hiring decisions and eliminate the guesswork with TTI’s patented job benchmarking process that accurately assesses the job and talent to determine the best match for your company. Invest in job benchmarking and you will secure the right talent necessary for success.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • A proven job benchmarking process to ensure the best candidate fit
  • Key strategies for job matching to ensure maximum performance
  • Common biases that interfere with job matching
  • The importance of a candidate’s behaviors, values, personal skills, and task preferences


About the Speaker:
BOB NUGENT is a Senior Consultant at MAP. He has worked with organizations large and small for over 15 years. Industries include aerospace, construction, engineering, healthcare, banking, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, transportation, staffing, government, non-profit, and solar energy. Bob has worked with TTI over the past 10 years and has done extensive work in acquiring certifications (CPBA – CPVA – CPHDA) and applying these predictive analytic tools with many of his clients with great results.


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