Three Ways to Be a Team Player at Work

Team Player at WorkHave you ever had a boss or manager who talked a lot about teamwork but behaved in opposite ways? Some leaders mistakenly believe that although they head up a team, they are somehow above the others and don’t have to act like a true team member. However, more often than not, leaders just get so caught up in taxing leadership demands that they simply fail to slow down and take simple steps that communicate to their people that teamwork matters.

Here are a few ideas that demonstrate you’re a team player:

1. Hold Daily Huddles

Make these a regular part of your team’s morning routine. Get everyone together for 10 minutes, discuss results from the previous day’s goals and set today’s goals. But don’t feel you always have to lead these huddles yourself. Consider passing the leadership torch to others on occasion, so they can take charge and flex their leadership muscle. When you empower them in this way, you might find yourself empowered, too.

2. Pitch In And Help When Unexpected

You’re busy. You’ve got bigger fish to fry, right? I get it! Stepping in to help others with simple activities shows people you’re a team player while modeling behaviors you expect from them as well. No doubt, delegating is very important so you can accomplish what’s vital in your job, but pitching in and helping in such ways—particularly when it’s unexpected—speaks volumes to how you value teamwork and your team.

3. Use the DiSC® Profile

As you may know, one of the tools we make available for our MAP clients is the DiSC® Profile. This is a 360-degree assessment tool that provides feedback around people’s personality, particularly against the context of how they interact with teams. We’ve used this tool for years because it’s powerful. When you learn how you’re perceived and relate as a team member, you can then capitalize on your strengths and take corrective action where necessary. This can only improve your odds of becoming a more solid team player and well-rounded leader.

When’s the last time you helped your team members unexpectedly?

Contact us if you would like to take the DiSC assessment for you and your team.


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