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The Challenge

When Scott Packard became chairman / CEO of Wright Service Corp. in October 2002, he assumed the helm of a 65-year-old company that dated back to the depression. The Company was grounded in rich history, financial success, and an aggressive track record for expansion. But much of the achievement behind this Des Moines, Iowa-based business had occurred by chance rather than design - a volatile business strategy that Packard knew was unsustainable. He also recognized a missing link related to how Wright Service Corp. prepared its people for management. Prone to promote from within, Wright Service Corp. often rewarded its passionate, reliable and talented field workers with opportunities for advancement. But given that these employees often lacked formal, higher education, those who got promoted often struggled with the fundamentals of management such as accountability, teamwork, communication and leadership. Packard himself was having his own leadership challenges. While he made excellent decisions on behalf of the company, he managed like a "lone wolf," operating under the assumption that executive staffers were "with him" in his decision-making, yet failing to create effective ownership with his staff.

The Solution

It was a prospecting call from one of MAP's executive consultants that prompted Packard to sign up for the 2.5-day MAP Program in Newport Beach, CA. Packard left the Fall 2007 event impressed, charged and changed. MAP's 360-degree feedback helped him identify his professional strengths and weaknesses. Notably, he needed to empower his executive team through collaborative decision-making and become a more inclusive leader. He was also surprised by the sophistication of MAP and the business coach who led the event. Packard asked his entire executive team to attend the MAP 2.5-day workshop, and when they returned, they decided to implement the MAP Management System™. Going down the chain of command, Wright Service Corp. sent its various managers to the MAP workshop, so they could personally grasp the key concepts. Then, they established an annual business plan together with monthly goals and controls, and used a dashboard to measure them. Specifically, MAP's coach helped Wright Service Corp. roll out the MAP System within all levels of Wright Service Corp., including its subsidiary companies. He also helped set up Vital Factor Teams for all divisions, led regular MAP training & leadership academies, and facilitated Executive Vital Factor Team meetings, teaching them to truly work as a team.

The Results

Just two years after implementing the MAP process, Packard says he has 100% compliance with the MAP System from his roughly 2,500 employees. Wright Service Corp. has averaged 11% in revenue gains and 15% increase in profit. The growth is very positive because for Wright Service Corp., it's a better kind of growth - it is sustainable and planned. It's also based on the belief that you must cultivate your employees by investing in them. MAP's business coach has trained about 80 middle managers, and approximately 130 general foremen who are running their own Vital Factor Teams now. The proof that MAP works is in the personnel records: Wright Service Corp. has minimal turnover, with none in the management ranks. Investing in people's skills has set this company apart from competitors, making it a true industry icon. Working smarter and stronger than ever, Packard and the Executive Vital Factor Team are leading with deliberation, steering Wright Service Corp. into the future with a proactive, progressive approach.

Des Moines, IA

Client: Scott Packard, CEO


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