It has been 9 months since I attended MAP and wanted to share some of the progress we’ve made as a team. I have grown so much as a leader since attending MAP and so has my team. I am a big believer of MAP and the Vital Factors system – it really works and it only keeps getting better. I LOVE it!

I run Affectiva’s Science team – which spans “Visioneering” as well as “Analytics.” Right after I attended MAP training, I implemented the Vital Factors system with my team. As a team, we now align around Affectiva’s vision, values and annual strategy, and we use that to identify our goals each quarter, so that everything we do fits well with the larger strategy. We have weekly Vital Factor Team meetings where we check-in on goals and consult if there are issues. We plan to continue propagating the Vital Factors system down the organization, which is incredibly powerful.

The Vital Factors system is really working for us. It has really helped in getting us aligned with company goals and with prioritization. Most importantly, the Vital Factors system has fostered an amazing sense of ownership and accountability. It’s been incredible seeing members of my team step up to own goals and drive them to completion. HUGE.

Thank you once again for spreading this wonderful system.

Rana el Kaliouby, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Director and Chief Technology Officer