Thank you for your introduction to MAP. Andre Landscaping has benefited greatly from sending our key employees to the workshop and by implementing the MAP Management System and Vital Factor Team process.

Since we’ve implemented MAP and began working with a MAP senior consultant, the teamwork within our company has improved and we’re more focused as a group. Procedures and processes have been implemented, and we’re holding ourselves accountable for achieving our targets. Our monthly VFT meetings help keep the entire team focused on the vital elements of our business. We developed our plan, established our vital factors, and are executing against our vital factors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The system has helped us determine who’s on the bus and given us tools to manage change, growth, and operational issues on a much more consistent basis.

We’ve recently had the opportunity to expand our business prospects by working with other MAP clients. It’s a great thing to see your company’s impact and presence in the offices of our clients, prospects, and partners.

Jeremy Andre
Andre Landscape Service Inc.