I was initially introduced to MAP in March 2009 when I attended the MAP Management Development Program (MAP Program). Not only did the Program improve my personal effectiveness as a manager and leader, it was also evident to me that implementing MAP Vital Factors Process would have a positive impact on our business results. Soon after my participation, four other managers in our company also attended that MAP Program so we would all utilize the same management process discipline in our respective areas of responsibility and provide a common management language for the team.

As a team, we are more goal achievement oriented and our employees are much more productive. We establish very clear expectations for performance which leads to improved results. We understand what drives our business results and build accountability around those Vital Factors.

Our business results have been nothing short of amazing. At the beginning of 2009, we forecasted that revenues would remain flat. Instead, our revenues grew by 50% over 2008. More importantly, our percent of net income to revenue improved by over 200% when compared to 2008, which was achieved in part by cost reductions of nearly $100,000 between May and December of 2009. While not all of the improvement in our business results can be directly attributed to MAP, we have certainly enjoyed a significant return on our investment by working with them. Because of our improved productivity, we added very few employees to our team as our revenues increased. In fact, it was our employees who discouraged us from hiring additional people. They believed they could handle the additional business by continuing to improve their productivity. We are expecting another increase in revenue in 2010 and will be adding very few additional employees to support it.

Finally, our MAP Senior Consultant’s guidance and facilitation during the implementation of the Vital Factors Management Process was invaluable. We were able to accomplish much more with our consultant involved on a monthly basis. Our consultant challenged our thinking and did not accept mediocre performance, yet held each of us accountable in a professional, non-confrontational way. We are eternally grateful for our consultant’s leadership during the implementation and has also become a trusted confidant for me.

I strongly recommend that you consider engaging MAP if you are seeking improved results utilizing a simple, effective, and practical management process in your organization.

Kayla Sharp
Botanicare Plant Energy Products