Before I went to MAP I had very little time to get my work done and be a manager. I had to work 60 to 70 hours a week to just keep up with my job duties and manage my staff. I would take on too much work and hold on to the details of the projects. I had a staff that was out of control and doing very little. It just seemed like I could never catch up. I always got good reviews and my boss was happy with my work, but not the time frames. The bottom line is I needed to make better use of my time and hold my team accountable.

After going to MAP I found tools to manage my time better and get my staff working in the right direction. With written schedules for me and my staff I am finding time that I did not know I had. Also it helps me turn my e-mail off to get my job done with less interruption. By using a weekly meeting and keeping meeting minutes, the MAP system is keeping my staff on track and giving them the best direction I haven’t seen in years. I have learned more ways to communicate with people and it has helped my relationships with fellow co-workers.

I can’t say enough about MAP and how much the MAP tools can help any manager do more. If you are a manager, I say you should go and grab as much as you can from this course. It will help you on the job and at home.

Thanks for the class.

William Turnidge
Engineering Manager