I appreciated the opportunity to address members of your organization and share my views of the MAP system. As you know, I have been a strong proponent of MAP since the day I was so fortunate to have attended training. When managers adhere to the MAP processes, results are as close to guaranteed as you can get.

The following summarizes some of the key points of what MAP does:

  • Formalizes skills
  • Teaches how to utilize skills immediately
  • Instructs how to set goals and focus on those goals
  • Disciplines you to work on the “vital few issues” (versus the “trivial many issues”)
  • Clearly identifies management’s accountability
  • Gives you more control over your business
  • Explains the dynamics of how to run meetings
  • Teaches how to get solutions to problems very quickly
  • Instructs each department how they can better help the other
  • Helps to organize, prioritize and take necessary business corrective actions

The MAP program has benefited senior managers and our District General Managers who operate various size profit centers across the country.

Bottom line, the MAP program is a tool that has increased productivity and increased profitability!

Lloyd Lenson
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Division I
A Berkshire Hathaway Company

When I was told that I had to go away from the family for a few days to go to the MAP Program, I thought that it would be a waste of time. Boy was I wrong! I have been managing people and businesses for the last 25 years, earned a MBA degree in the process and became the President of a large corporation for nine years and I thought what can I gain from this training? Well, this training took me back to the fundamentals of the game and it made me realize that I needed more focus and discipline in my business approach. When I was away I would call my wife to tell her about my day and she would notice an enthusiasm in my voice that she has not heard in quite a while. My juices were flowing and it was rejuvenating. I am glad I did not let my ignorance about the program get the best of me. MAP is the real deal.

Ed Quinones
Vice President
A Berkshire Hathaway Company