I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for your help to date and for what I know will be a rewarding long term relationship.

One of my business partners and I first met you at the event you hosted for our Las Vegas Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization and loved what I heard. We started our relationship with MAP more so as “leadership training” for our top people. This has since morphed into a full blown partnership between De Joya Griffith and MAP Consulting.

Our business has doubled over the last year and as a result, there have been ‘growing pains’ such as accountability issues around the firm which grew as well. Your facilitation of the MAP Management System with our Senior Management team has helped create a process which addresses any issues or kinks in the armor in a neutral and mutually beneficial manner.

Aside from the monthly goal setting our management team and partners are doing, more open lines of communication have been created with you serving as an outside facilitator. You also keep the meetings on topic, following the agenda and are always focused on the goals that we as a firm have agreed upon.

I am very excited and honestly reinvigorated about the next phase of the Firm’s growth and I am inspired for us to continue to be the ‘Partner of Choice for Successful Businesses’.

I fully intend for us to continue to send our management team to the MAP Executive Development workshops which you hold quarterly, so our entire team can be fully immersed in the reasons “why” we do what we do and to give everyone the tools to sharpen their ax and stand with us side by side as we accomplish our priorities for the year and meet our long term strategic objectives.

I look forward to our continued partnership.

Jason F. Griffith, CPA, CMA
Managing Partner
De Joya Griffith