As a business owner and entrepreneur of 23 years, I had hit a plateau in my ability to take my company to the next level.

The rapid transformation of the public relations industry forced my company, Echo Media Group, to re-think our agency. In order to stay relevant, we had to re-evaluate our services, expand our team and redefine our business model.

Two different, highly-respected business mentors independently suggested MAP. My CPA and trusted business advisor firmly believed that my knowledge as an entrepreneur had maxed out and in order to take my company into the future I needed to “sharpen my tools” and expand my learning.

I had no idea what I was about to get into when I entered the world of MAP.

This is where I met my MAP Senior Consultant. A firm but compassionate leader, I was amazed at how empowered I was following the initial MAP training session. So much so that I wanted to share the empowerment and teachings with my team.

Echo Media Group contracted MAP for monthly coaching sessions. Our Senior Consultant continued to share the MAP process across our entire organization. He taught us alignment, how to set and maintain goals, and keep each other accountable.

In addition to expanding our team and service offerings to better serve our clients, we developed a roadmap to position our agency for the future. Through our MAP Senior Consultant I have learned to become a more proactive and dedicated leader focusing on the Vital Few – the things most important to maintaining the vitality of the company.

I would strongly encourage any business leader or organization committed to success to consider MAP as your Business Coach and Advisor.

Kim Sherman
President – CEO
Echo Media Group