Throughout Medical School, we as physicians are taught very extensively about the human body and how to heal. But we are given no course on how to manage and lead. During the early course of my career my ego was larger than my wallet and I made horrible mistakes on the business side. These mistakes left me in a financial disaster. Since my knowledge of business was very limited, I was in a conundrum as to where to go.

At this point in my career I was very happy to have met my MAP Senior Consultant. You came into the business and utilizing the principles of MAP, took a step by step approach, to turn us around to profitability. More importantly than this, you were very valuable to me to keep me from making rash and quick decisions. I am so grateful for all the mistakes that you have helped us prevent, that I also chose you to be my personal coach as well as the business coach.

I cannot say enough about you. You are strict but very kind with very penetrating questions that makes our company leadership relook at our business over and over again. Since you have been on board with Family Doctors of Green Valley, we have developed strong goals and are continuing to grow rapidly in a depressed economy. It is simply about goals and controls and the MAP philosophy and you bring this to the table with expertise and grace.

Management here at Family Doctors of Green Valley thanks you for everything and we are looking forward to our continued aggressive growth.

Ravi Ramanathan MD
CEO and Medical Director
Family Doctors of Green Valley