The Hamlet Companies were initially formed in April of 1994. As our initial business plan developed, the company grew from a 2-person land development organization that first year, that by the end of 1999 had evolved into 4 separate companies employing over 30 people serving the homebuilding industry. By 1999 our homebuilding company closed 227 homes, our land development company had by that time developed 12 new neighborhoods and over 1200 lots, we had started the first commercial wetland mitigation company in the state, and our mortgage company; Sterling Mortgage, was now going on 2 years old.

While we had a reasonably experienced management team, 5 of whom had come from Ryland Homes and had worked together for many years prior to starting Hamlet, it soon became apparent that we were in need of advice for organizational structure and sound management principles. Enter MAP in late 1999.

MAP became a long-standing consultant to our business. Since the early 2000’s, every one of our senior executives and many of our second level managers have been through the MAP workshop. Our MAP Senior Consultant spent time on-site in our organization. He has gotten to know and understand the lifeblood of our organization and our industry. He has assisted us in developing a culture of continuous improvement that strongly revolves around a thorough understanding of Vital Factors.

From those executive team meetings in late 1999 with MAP to the early 2000’s, we developed the company’s mission statement. The company’s vision and values were clearly articulated through guidance from our MAP Senior Consultant. Over the years, the value proposition we have gained from MAP really centers around our Senior Consultant. He has come to understand the strengths and weaknesses of our organization, and as new people are added to our management team, he has been there to provide them with a solid foundation from which to grow upon. Over the years I have come to view him as a confidant and a very strong guiding hand. His service to me personally and to our organization has been invaluable in our ability to grow and prosper in a challenging environment. I am very appreciative of the positive influence he has had on our organization over these many years.

Michael M. Brodsky
Hamlet Companies