Since I experienced the MAP program, I went through wonderful changes in my management style. I now feel that I have the ability to manage my employees while not letting them manage me. I was very skeptical on the effectiveness of the MAP program. I have attended management training seminars in the past and left very motivated, but with no more management skills than when I walked in. Two months after the classes, I looked back at them as a waste of time and money. That was by no means the case with the MAP program.

Now it’s five months later and I am still using the techniques learned in MAP’s management development program. My workshop leader, Ben Rasberry, was extremely knowledgeable and an effective communicator. He inspired me to “Want to Lead.” Ben has masterful presentation skills which made the workshop fun, entertaining, challenging and most importantly, it showed me “what is” and “how to become” a leader.

Three months after I attended the MAP program, I sent my Assistant General Manager through the program and saw an instant change in the way that he deals with issues that arise on a daily basis. He now knows the value of goals and accountability which, with the two of us now on the same page, our operation is a controlled and productive environment. I have another manager scheduled to attend a workshop next week.

I am confident that the MAP program has made us effective communicators and leaders. This has been the change that my company has needed for a long time and definitely is instrumental in moving us from Good to Great! Thank you for your persistence in your efforts to have me attend the MAP program.

Fred Brown
Director of Operations
Hansji Hotels