Our initial experience, beginning with the 2 1/2 days of training, was outstanding. As a senior manager, you always think that you can’t afford the time to attend a workshop like MAP. My response is that you can’t afford not to.

The results that will be achieved in your organization will be worth your financial investment and time commitment. Let me illustrate. In 2004 we increased our sales versus budget by 33.5% and our profitability by almost 3 times that percentage. Why? Because we employed the MAP principles of management and leadership to our business processes. We also utilized MAP for our business plan and budgetary process in 2005 and were told by industry experts that it was the most comprehensive business plan they have seen in years. Our 2005 results reflected continued increases…10% increase in sales volume over 2004 and 11.2 % increase in profit over 2004.

The quality and practicality of the training was invaluable. Our facilitator was extremely motivating, insightful and thought provoking.

The deliverables of the MAP process are more practical and “no-nonsense” than any other tool we have employed to manage our business.

We have sent 11 of our top departmental and executive managers through MAP workshops. It is exciting to see the metamorphosis that is taking place in our organization as MAP tools such as Goals and Controls, Vital Factor Teams and Team Consults are introduced into our business philosophy.

We feel that we have made a significant investment in the future of our management and the company by committing to MAP principles and practices.

Thank you, once again, for introducing Hawthorne Machinery to MAP!

Steve Sager
V.P. and Division Manager
Hawthorne CAT