It was just a few years ago when I first heard one of MAP’s senior consultants speak to an audience of Triton Pacific CEOs. At this annual board meeting, MAP spoke to us about the importance of business alignment, and, of course, how MAP helped companies achieve alignment through the MAP Management SystemTM. I knew Triton Pacific had used MAP to boost the profit margins of several of its portfolio companies, and the results were impressive. So after speaking with the MAP consultant, I started working with MAP officially in February of 2009. And with MAP’s help, we were able to implement a refreshing, disciplined approach to Home Physicians’ business management, and this has quickly brought about very positive results.

It’s important to note that I’ve worked with a lot of big consulting firms, e.g., Bain Consulting, Marakon and McKinsey & Company in my time. And the difference between those consulting firms and MAP is that the big firms spend 80 percent of their time talking about what we’re going to do, and 20 percent of the time on implementation…and then they’re usually gone because you can’t afford to have them stick around to implement (which is probably a good thing since they’re not very good at implementing). With MAP, we spent 20 percent of our time on creating strategies and getting focused on what needed to be done. Then we spent 80 percent of our time actually executing and achieving results with a good process to set goals and hold everyone accountable.

Our MAP senior consultant was an excellent facilitator, too. And has had experience actually running companies and achieving success. MAP set up our Vital Factor Team meetings and brought a much-needed discipline to Home Physicians that kept us on track with goals, measurements and accountability. And that has been important because with all the day-to-day responsibilities of a business, it’s easy to push the bigger-picture goals out of the way. In terms of growth, the MAP System has enabled Home Physicians to regain our footing, and improve customer satisfaction and service, which, in the health care industry, is truly the cornerstone to our success.

Craig Reiff
Home Physicians