When Orange Line Oil Company began a consulting relationship with MAP, we were already using consulting services with another company. We were skeptical that MAP could provide management services that were significantly different than what we were already receiving. However, we have found that MAP has gone beyond those services by providing a methodology to measure every aspect of our business and accountability measures which were missing from our previous management trainings. These two missing pieces are enabling Orange Line Oil to consistently grow in volume, gross sales and profit margins in a challenging and declining market.

Identifying and focusing on our Vital Factors has enabled the Management Team to concentrate on the issues of vital importance to the growth and profitability of our business. On a monthly basis, the Management Team holds each member accountable with our goals and controls sheet. Our MAP Senior Consultant’s business experience and wisdom have guided us to discipline ourselves in goal setting, follow through, and most importantly, accountability.

In addition, the manager of each department has taken the approach to their team and employees are more focused on their goals. They can see how their contributions affect the company’s overall efficiencies, goals and profits and they are more productive in their work.

The end result is a level of professionalism that was previously missing. Recently, I surprised a top executive of a major oil supplier with answers to questions directly from our Vital Factors Spreadsheet. Was he ever impressed! He commented that one of our competitors didn’t even understand the questions, and I had the answers at my fingertips.

Thank you for introducing us to the MAP methodology. We commend your entire organization for their interest and professional approach to helping businesses succeed!

Scott Tredinnick
Orange Line Oil Company, Inc.