The beginning of this year marks the 9th year that Pacific National Group (PNG) has had the good fortune of having our MAP Senior Consultant not only as a business coach and mentor, but also a vital part of our organization and company culture.

The past nine years there have been quite a few challenges that needed to be overcome in order to ensure a sound and successful company for years to come. Some of these challenges included the transition of company ownership, the largest economic downturn in recent history “the great recession”, as well as the untimely loss of some key individuals in our organization.

It has not been easy, but through a consistent adoption and implementation of the MAP process under our consultant’s guidance we have successfully created a culture that we not only challenge each other to perform, we also hold each other accountable for that performance. The system has encouraged us to take a hard look at ourselves on a daily basis and make the changes needed in order to maintain our success.

There is no magic to the MAP process, although there is a commitment, a commitment to hold yourself accountable not just to yourself, but also your coworkers. Our consultant has a talent for being able to pull those qualities out as well as an ability to bring a group of strong opinionated individuals together and working towards a common goal which is second to none.

I would highly recommend our MAP Senior Consultant, I am confident he will have nothing less than a positive impact on any organization which is fortunate enough to work with him.

Steve Mathison
Pacific National Group