My boss and I got a phone call from a great client needing a proposal for new work. It had a short-fused deadline, and a bunch of calls had to be made to subconsultants that afternoon to gather pricing from them. I had to leave the office for an offsite meeting for most of that afternoon. My boss called me in the late afternoon to see how things were going, worried that I hadn’t had a chance to pull anything together for the proposal.

Well, when he called I proudly and confidently said “Don’t worry buddy, I’ve been to MAP!” By the time he called me, I had DELEGATED all of the phone calls to people in our team who could get the pricing figured out without my help. By the time I got back, all of the data was on my chair and the proposal was a snap!

This is just one example of how MAP has changed my world. I can’t begin to tell you how much I learned from the program. There was one statement that has stuck to me like glue – “Focus on the vital few, and delegate the trivial many.” That statement alone has completely changed the way I do business. I REFUSE to take on any chore that I know can be accomplished by others. Our staff has always been willing to help, and I’m finally LETTING them help.

Also, one of my goals was to increase my revenue and client base by 25%. I was sitting about 4th place before I attended MAP. Now I’ve managed to make it to 1st. I am very proud of that accomplishment.

I’ve attended a lot of training classes in my career, but I have to say that MAP was by far the best in providing the tools that really “stuck.” I think about our group often, and hope that MAP has changed their world as well.

Dave Moritz
Land Surveying and Mapping