Seven years ago, as a heavy highway contractor, we were transitioning from a family-owned first generation business to a second generation family business. We had some great ideas for growth, but we needed something to help take us to the next level. Enter MAP.

Through a referral, we found out about the MAP program and decided to immediately invite them to be part of our strategic growth plan. Contractors are a pretty hard bunch to impress, but as we started implementing monthly goals and controls, vital factor tracking and yearly strategic planning sessions, things started to happen.

For the past seven years our executive team has met with a MAP consultant on a monthly basis. In turn, each executive meets with their people and follows the same process. Participants set goals that are aligned with our annual strategic plan and then we report monthly progress on how the goals are met. We have found that when we focus our daily efforts on the most important activities, we consistently meet our most important goals.

The company’s results are sometimes even hard for us to believe. For example, over the last seven years our revenues have increased over 375 percent and our net income has increased 3,665 percent. We give much of the credit to our consistent use of the MAP system and to the expertise that our MAP consultant brings to the table.

We would recommend MAP to any company that is dedicated to consistent growth, development and excellence and that is willing to implement the MAP principles in a systematic and accountable way.

Kip Wadsworth
President & CEO
Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company