Now through our second round of the Management Action Programs (MAP) Leadership Academy you have facilitated, we would like to express our thanks for the focus and teamwork that you have brought to our organization. At the Rancho California Water District, we have had significant challenges that the Leadership Academy program targeted. We now have new tools and a clearer understanding of how best to work together as a strong team.

By first installing the Leadership Academy, starting with our top level managers and followed by the second round of the Academy with the next level line managers, we have begun to cohesively give them a new lens through which they can more effectively approach their assignments. We are now better able to focus on the vital issues, elevate efficiency, and improve individuals and the organization by implementing many of the concepts, tools, and attributes you delivered at the Academy.

We are looking forward to assess possible future opportunities with MAP to reinforce the training and implementation across the District and with our Executive Leadership team as well.

Eileen Dienzo
Human Resources Manager
Rancho California Water District