I want to personally thank the MAP organization for all you have done for our company. The tools that we have been given from MAP have been integrated throughout our company and have already generated industry-leading results that are paving the way for bigger and better opportunities.

The proof is in the bottom line. We recently broke a revenue record by scoring our most successful six months in our company’s seventeen year history! This milestone is even more impressive when viewed in a real estate market where most of our competitors were down between 30 to 40%. This is an incredible testament to our winning formula and the MAP process.

MAP has been the driving force in the restructuring of our company. Our success has come from coaching each level of our organization and bringing focus and discipline to all of our teams. This has enabled Stearns to prepare a successful business plan which has catapulted us to a new level of success.

Thank you for helping put Stearns on the “MAP” of success!


Glenn Stearns
Stearns Lending, Inc.