I have been working at T.D. Industries for 25 years. I have attended many seminars that gave me the tools to help me be a better Superintendent. Not too long ago, my bosses sent me to the MAP workshop and it helped me become a better communicator and stronger Superintendent. The workshop helped me recognize all my strengths and weaknesses. I had one of the best facilitators; he kept me on my toes and held my interest in the program.

Bottom line, I encourage any company to send their employees to MAP because it will help you out no matter how good you are doing. The workshop is 2.5 days, but in these days you get to know other people from other companies very well. The main objective here with their program is that everything you go out to do, always remember to set a goal. Go to MAP and you will see what I mean. It is an eye opener. I hope anyone who reads this testimonial will find it interesting to try MAP.

Pete Ybarra
T.D. Industries