All of us at TWI Group thoroughly enjoy working with you as our consultant and MAP guru. As you know, Steve and I started the MAP process back in the late 1990’s and have been primarily focused on implementing the processes of goal setting and accountability in our company internally.

We have found quite a bit of success, clarity and results from implementing MAP throughout the years and at the same time, we felt that we needed to still improve our performance. Hiring you as our consultant this year, has actually helped us at a higher level than when we were doing MAP on our own.

I believe our communications as a VFT team has increased. We have created much more focus, strategic goals and holding ourselves accountable to a new level. The push back and resistance that we sometimes have internally has dissipated with your ability to be a neutral, unbiased yet force of reason.

I especially enjoy your ability to push back against Steve and me which results in much better clarity. This clarity allows us to make better decisions and create better results. The results are obvious when you compare 2012 to 2013. And, the results are not because of the economy, the clients or anything other than focused attention to key factors, communications and consistency in leadership. This allows us at TWI to have control over our results instead of external factors outside of our control. This is truly powerful.

Thank you for helping TWI Deliver First-Class Service Every Time.

Greg Keh
Chief Operating Officer
TWI Group Inc.