Since I went through MAP in 2003, more than ten of our key managers in the Wilbur-Ellis Animal Feed Division have gone through the program.

The workshop has been excellent in two primary ways: 1) Complete and honest evaluations of my key peoples’ strengths and weaknesses as managers, with professional growth goals set at the workshop and follow-up coaching; and 2) Instruction on various business tools (including the MAP System of Management) that are extremely effective in problem solving, goal-setting, team-building, and accountability. Practical tools that we have implemented.

The MAP “vital factors” approach has brought focus to our organization and brought relief to our very busy employees. Working smarter on our most vital activities resulted in greater profits and employee job satisfaction.

Our MAP Senior Consultant has done an excellent job providing ongoing consulting services in the areas of strategic planning, organization and employee changes, and leading Vital Factor Team meetings. The combination of sending my key people through the MAP workshop with in-house consulting has been very powerful and successful.

Ronald Salter
Wilbur-Ellis Company Feed Division