Frankly, I was so impressed with the MAP approach, I wanted to give you one client’s perspective on what I found of value and how it has helped me as the Western Regional Manager of my law firm.

To begin with, I approached the MAP Process with several questions in mind:

How can I do my job better with less effort?
Why don’t people understand what I want them to do?
Why don’t things get done?
What should my company do to prepare for the future?
How can I feel less pressured?
How can I make more money?
How can I make sure my company/firm exists after I am gone?

MAP helped me work toward answering each of these questions and, in the process, gave me the tools to move the organization forward. I found MAP to be a comprehensive program for executive and organizational improvement. It is much more than a simple management training course.

MAP helped me create a more effective organization – and thus stability, effectiveness and profits – in four ways;

First, it trained me to better define and achieve my objectives and, in doing so, to improve profitability or another organizational objective and build a stronger, more stable and more competitive organization.

Second, it gave me the tools to carry my vision forward by helping me to understand my abilities and using this knowledge to emphasize my strengths and deal with my weaknesses.

Third, it helped me commit everyone in the organization to the same goals as defined by management and give them the skills necessary to achieve them. It does this by creating for everyone a consistent and uniform methodology in approaching goal setting, goal implementation and problem solving.

Fourth, it helped me install a management system for the whole organization that allows management to carry forward its vision. Thus, rather than relying upon inconsistent business objectives or methods by various managers, it puts the whole team “on the same page” by immersing the entire staff in the same proven methods to enhance profits and organizational effectiveness.

Best of all, it cost pennies compared to the immediate and proven results it has brought to me.

Thank you again for introducing me to MAP.


Patrick M. Kelly