A little more than a year ago, our company first became acquainted with MAP. It started with me, just checking out a program geared to take the business to new levels. I attended, albeit with a modest amount of skepticism, and came back believing this MAP thing just might work. Not to be alone in the decision, we sent the remaining executive staff to evaluate and agree if MAP could be a part of our culture. Well in that short year, the MAP process has dynamically changed the way we conduct business.

We have now indoctrinated all of our management team in the MAP philosophy and I feel the results have far exceeded the investment.

Often I have not been able to attribute or recognize a single defining moment that has catapulted our business performance to higher levels, but as we concluded our most recent fiscal year, our top and bottom line performance exceeded all previous records. Now, being a bit pragmatic I cannot say MAP was the sole reason but I am confident it was a major contributor to our success. You helped us know how we got there and where we are going.

I completely endorse the MAP process and consider you a valued team member of Wright Tree Service.

Scott D. Packard
Chairman and CEO
Wright Tree Service, Inc.