MAP U 200 – DISC is a Superpower!


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What You’ll Learn in DISC is a Superpower!

This quick course helps those who are new to DISC behavioral style science understand and start tapping into its “superpowers”.


You will:

  • Know what DISC is and understand how its used in business
  • Recognize the 4 behavioral style categories that all people fit into
  • Have a good sense for the strengths & blindspots associated with each behavioral style category
  • Start recognizing how people react to each other given behavioral style differences


  • Who is this course geared for?
  • Who will benefit most from taking this course?
  • Speak to the personas you are selling – ie “This course is for managers who want to elevate their leadership styles by learning more about different personality types within the workplace”


  • How will your career advance with these learnings?


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