The Vital Factors Team Assessment

Organization Alignment: Build It to Become Your Best

You’re a leader who loves what you do. You take your position seriously, putting in the hours and exhibiting great passion for your organization and its people. Equally important, your executive team supports your organization’s vision, goals and strategies, so everything should be right on track.

But when you look closely at your organization’s performance, does that number tell a far different story?

If yes, you’re not alone. Over the past 60 years, we’ve worked with over 15,000 companies and 170,000+ leaders, getting them results that mattered. From this, we know that when an organization’s performance is down—and yet the leadership team shares stories about everything it’s doing right—there’s always one key factor preventing performance success: Misalignment.

Specifically, misalignment between the executive team and those they lead. You probably know a few of the many signs—poor employee engagement, high turnover and customer service complaints, just to name a few. (Get a more complete, free list here to see if any resonate with you.)

In MAP’s 60 years working with executive teams, we’ve learned that even the closest teams have different perceptions of reality. For example, we have found that:

  • Typically, only 50% of members on executive teams identify the same organizational priorities;
  • Less than 25% of those executive team members will identify the same owners for those priorities; and yet
  • Almost 100% of executive teams believe they are well aligned on their priorities.

Most leadership teams assume they are working towards the same goals, and they’re quite surprised when they see—often for the first time—the reality clearly.

The good (no, great!) news? MAP provides a proven solution for building sustainable organization alignment and getting those breakthrough results. And the first step is simple. With our Vital Factors Team Assessment, you’ll find it’s easy to get powerful, immediate feedback that can shed light on critical growth areas, particularly around organization alignment. Some of the insights may surprise you—and that’s why we’re here to help.

How the Vital Factors Team Assessment Works:

  1. Rally your leadership team and ask them to take our brief, interactive digital questionnaire. It should take them 20 minutes tops.
  2. Review your report, complete with our customized analysis and recommendations.
  3. Enjoy a review session with one of MAP’s senior consultants. This can be scheduled with just you or you can include your entire executive team. Use the professional insights and coaching to turn the results into action.

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