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Over the course of my career, I have attended numerous leadership conferences and seminars where the leadership training has been long on theory but short on tools and practical applications.

In May 2004, I participated in the MAP Executive Development Program. This was the most personalized and customized training I had ever encountered and the event was a life changing experience for me. I left the MAP training with specific professional and personal goals along with tools to accomplish them and a process for follow up. The MAP Management System provides very practical tools that can be implemented in any organization. The system includes Vital Factor Teams, Goals and Controls and Team Consulting, which provide a consistent methodology for goal setting, problem solving and performance measurement.

The knowledge I gained through my experiences with MAP has greatly improved my leadership performance and results. I feel so strongly in the value of the MAP Management System, that I am implementing MAP companywide. All of our Southwest Region managers have been trained and have institutionalized MAP in their branches. Our entire Executive Council has or will attend MAP training during the next nine months and will begin to conduct monthly Vital Factor Team meetings in their regions or departments. The MAP system has greatly helped us improve our performance in the Southwest Region. I know our performance will continue to be enhanced as we consistently use the MAP Management System throughout the Company.

If you want to improve your company performance and enhance your leadership skills, I am confident that the MAP Management System will help you achieve your goals. I whole-heartedly endorse MAP for any executive or organization that wants to accelerate performance.


Tammy J. Miller 
Border States Electric


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