Biz Accountability Slumping? Take Charge to Bring It Back on Track.

We’re a bit more than halfway through the year. Life is rolling forward and your business gears are in motion. But how’s your accountability with your leadership, your team and your organization at large? Are you on track?

It’s pretty easy to tell. Here’s how: Take a few minutes to think about what kind of culture exists within your business. To some degree or another, it will fall into one of three categories:

1: A “jail-like” setting: includes lots of micromanagement by leadership (you or your managers); high turnover and low employment levels; lots of mistake catching with people fearful or on edge; a lack of coaching or constructive feedback; and an “I can’t do anything right” mentality in which everyone seems to think or behave like victims.

2. A “country club” environment: includes few if any business goals and controls; a focus on activities versus results; overlapping responsibilities; minimal performance discussions; a laissez faire kind of mentality, where “anything goes” and people rely on hope alone as a strategy for getting things done.

3. An accountability culture: includes alignment around an accountability system that’s backed by clear goals and controls; well defined roles and responsibilities; established performance measures and ways to monitor and take action around those numbers; consistent coaching and performance feedback; and a focus on proven execution strategies that move people and work toward their goals.

Given the above descriptors, how would you describe your organization? How’s your stride? Are you on track with vital goals? Having worked with 15,000+ companies and more than 170,000 leaders since 1960, we at Management Action Programs (MAP) have come to find that most companies are “off the rails,” falling into either the jail-like category on one side of the track or the country club setting on the other.

If that speaks to your organization, it’s nothing to be ashamed of or surprised about. And good news—you can get centered and back on track with commitment and discipline, the right people, and a solid accountability system to back you up. If accountability has been slipping or outright missing at your organization, take the steps to make a change and bring accountability back.

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