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the disciplined leader
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What do the best leaders have in common?

The answer is one word: Discipline.

A disciplined leader is one who identifies and focuses on the Vital Few: the 20% of activities that will drive 80% of the results.

The Disciplined Leader offers 52 succinct lessons to help you home in on your own Vital Few in three critical areas: leading yourself, leading your team, and leading your organization.
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  • It Can Pay to Be Picky

    Picky people often get a bad rap. That’s because pervasive pickiness can slow down decision making, thwart progress, and cause tension among the different personalities on the team.
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  • Let Your Values Guide Decision-Making

    It’s been said that if you want to understand something about people’s values, pay attention to the key decisions they make and the actions they take.
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  • Take “Tough Love” Feedback to Heart

    It’s that feeling you get when someone hits you with a hard truth about something you need to fix—a reality that bites because you didn’t want to face it or simply didn’t know you had an issue in the first place.
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