We’ve taken our 60+ years of knowledge helping companies achieve breakthrough results and made it digital! Now our clients can get to their desired destination faster and more efficiently, using our state of the art yet straight-forward, easy-to-implement accountability platform.

The MAP App

The MAP App is a proven accountability system that accelerates focus and alignment for leaders and teams. It is a simple technology that drives break-through results (what MAP has done for clients for over 60 years!) that organizes all goals in one place and offers real time follow-up. No longer do goals vanish into thin air, and the result is saved time and money.

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MAP University

The overall vision of MAP University (“MAP U”) is to provide continuous, on-demand access to the accountability-driving MAP Management System and to help our clients accelerate individual and team growth with customized progressions through MAP’s Essentials* and the vast, value-producing content that we’ve cultivated over our 6 decades in business.

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