A GPS for Your Business™️

Training your team has never been more fun, engaging and effective than with MAP’s Film Series Programs. In these highly interactive programs (that can be delivered in-person or virtually) participants watch clips from impactful films and participate in high-level discussion surrounding the film clips that allow them to gain deep introspection into their work and personal lives. Films/topics include:

  • Apollo 13: Making the Tough Decisions and Overcoming Obstacles
  • Miracle: Building and Developing Your Team for Success
  • Twelve O’clock High: Proven Principles of Intelligent, Effective Leadership
  • Hoosiers: Building Teamwork to Accelerate Your Company’s Performance
  • Remember the Titans: A Leadership Skills Development Program
  • Twelve Angry Men: A Program to Improve Communication and Negotiation/Persuasion
  • Sully: Effective Leadership in Challenging Times
  • A Few Good Men: Ethics – Character – Integrity – Loyalty

“We were looking for training with some sizzle to help our managers lead more effectively during challenging times, and were happy to have found the MAP Film Series Program based on the true story of “Sully.” It kept our team incredibly engaged through watching film clips paired with a MAP Expert facilitating high-value discussion surrounding the key learning points. It didn’t feel like the typical training that you have to check off a list, but instead a fun activity that resulted in positive outcomes for each individual and the entire company.”

– Dan Bane, Chairman and CEO of Trader Joe’s Company