Boost Team Performance Whether Working Virtually or In-Person

There’s a popular trend circulating in recent news about CEOs. Specifically, bosses—striving to motivate their employees during the pandemic—are sometimes making unexpected house calls. They’re delivering awards. Dropping off “motivational” lunches. Dishing out in-person (socially distanced) feedback.

Some employees say such management behavior goes too far. Bosses or managers coming to their homes feels awkward, even crosses a line. And yet, this activity tells us the lengths to which leaders are trying to engage with and motivate staff during our atypical times.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need to go ringing doorbells to connect with staff and build performance. Below are three ways to do that, strategies proven to work whether you’re leading teams onsite or through virtual means.

1.     Accountability. Hands down, one of the most effective ways to drive performance and get results is by having your team aligned and committed to an accountability system. At Management Action Programs (MAP), our clients use the MAP Management System™ to set a course and execute with accountability through discipline, success measures and cutting-edge tools. An accountability system—whether managing teams remotely, in person or through some hybrid of the two—puts performance measures in place and enables everyone (not just you) to monitor and take ownership in those numbers, or what we call the “Vital Factors.” Holding regular meetings around the key indicators of your company’s success provides insight into what’s working, what’s not, where coaching or correction is needed, and, importantly, what actions and mindsets to reinforce.

2.     Celebrate good performance. Recognizing successes is an undeniable upside to developing and achieving accountability. But if you’re not able to reward employees in your traditional ways, consider it an opportunity to get creative, designing a reward program that’s appropriate, meaningful and tied to your accountability system. A few fun ideas: donating to employee’s favorite charity on his/her/its behalf; granting a personal day; or mailing a personal thank you. Whatever you do, make the effort to find out how they (not you) want to experience reward. As you know, research shows not everyone is motivated solely by money, for example.

3.     Build better communication. No newsflash here, many people are currently working in nontraditional ways…ways that can strain communication lines. Add to that, when people are stressed, good communication can become taxed. So periodically assess the channels, frequency and tone of your company’s internal and external communications. What could be done better or more often right now? Maybe it’s proactively checking in on your employees’ wellbeing. Or ramping up touchpoints through 15-minute daily huddles. Or perhaps managing returned calls or your inbox more effectively. Communication is key to engagement; doing it well can make or break performance results.

Build accountability today! Contact MAP to bring the MAP Management System to Your Virtual or In-Person Teams.


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