Michael Pezel assists organizations in implementing the MAP Management System™, a proven accountability system that helps accelerate performance, increase productivity and profitability, and achieve personal and professional growth. He has worked with CEOs, presidents, business owners and key managers from a diverse array of small, mid-size and large organizations. His clients include: Border States Electric, Tableau Software, Act-On Software, CIG Insurance, Pacific Bell, AT&T, NCR, Oracle, WebEx, USS Posco, Mountain Valley Express, Olympian Oil, Carollo Engineers and Silver Oaks Cellars.

Michael is currently a member of the MAP Board of Directors. For many years he was the Managing Partner of the Northern California and Northwest regional offices. As the management team member responsible for Marketing, he was instrumental in the planning and actions that led to the publication of MAP’s best-selling book, “Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Business and Your Life.” In addition to his role as an Executive Consultant, Michael is also a Kolbe Certified Consultant.

Prior to joining MAP, Michael was a MAP client. He participated in the MAP 2.5 Day Program and subsequently, based on his experience, 40 members of his management team attended the MAP Program. At Pacific Bell, he served in several executive director positions including planning and budgeting, marketing, procurement, warehousing and distribution, operations and customer service.

Michael has a B.S. degree in Liberal Arts/Business from Lewis & Clark College, and a Master of Public Administration degree in Urban Affairs from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Michael Pezel

Executive Consultant