I have had the good fortune of attending a variety of management training, and in a previous job, I was responsible for all training within my organization. The highest compliment I can pay to MAP is that their theme, messages, and material are so “lean.” There is a complete absence of fluff, and a laser-focus on those principles that are necessary and sufficient to be a superb manager and leader. The degree to which the art of management is distilled is profound. Their training proves that it is all “blocking and tackling,” and that execution can be broken down into its elements and pursued to perfection. I have been, to a greater degree than ever before, able to come back to work and immediately begin applying the lessons learned at MAP. I have seen immediate results, and continue to get stronger everyday in terms of my basic leadership skills. In summary, my MAP training exceeded my expectations, and continues to pay dividends. Thank you, MAP.

Hugh Cook
VP Engineering
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.