We have sent over 40 of our employees through the MAP program and without exception their performance has improved. In fact, I credit MAP for dramatically improving my own performance and enjoyment of what I do.

Pat Donahue
President and CEO
Donahue Schriber Realty Group

As one of the most successful retail property companies in the western United States, DSRG has developed a reputation, for consistently finding and on-boarding smart people who fit our company culture. We pay attention to supporting those people with systems, training, coaching and a vision for upward mobility that inspires solid work and company loyalty.

For many years we have “partnered” with MAP – Management Action Programs, Inc. – a Southern California based training, coaching and consulting firm because they provide one of the most comprehensive yet practical and immediately applicable approaches to leader/ manager development that I have ever experienced.

I personally participated in MAP several years ago, as one of those up-and-coming talents. The MAP process, including a 360 feedback from my organization and 2.5 days away in The MAP Workshop – helped me re-think and actually launch two or three new habits that have significantly leveraged my time and big-picture focus.

It’s fair to say that for some time I took pride in being one of the best performers on the team. However, progressing to my next level of contribution required me to become more of a “player/coach” expanding my personal contribution through the development of others.

MAP not only gave me the right “ideas” about that transition, but it also helped me develop a couple of new leadership disciplines/behaviors, for putting those ideas into effective action right away. It was transformative for me and high value for the company. Sustainability of effective value over time, is about the best thing I can say for MAP.

Colin Gamber
Vice President – Strategic Planning & Financial Analysis
Donahue Schriber Realty Group

I had a fantastic workshop leader. He kept the whole group engaged and was able to very effectively break down a large volume of 360 feedback information helping us to focus on the one or two most vital elements for problem solving and action targeted at the key initiatives facing me back at the office. As a result of MAP’s follow-up after the program, with me and my boss, progress on balancing my personal production with time for developing other producers on my team is accelerating. What’s more, my boss is much better informed for more effective, on-going coaching with me. Everybody wins!

Paul Liebermann
Senior Financial Analyst
Donahue Schriber Realty Group