I want to thank you for delivering a wonderful product to the EET team. MAP has proven to be a tool that has made significant impacts on our quality, productivity, bottom-line, and has helped blossom the overall morale of the company.

The MAP Process was accompanied by personal qualities that impressed everyone here at EET. To our surprise and delight, you were able to help us drag some tough issues out from under the rug with great sensitivity to the individuals involved. We are all very thankful for your persistence and effectiveness in directing us to produce bottom-line results.

On a personal note, I thank you for stepping up as a personal management coach for me in this process. I also appreciate the advice that you give me before and after each MAP session. You always seem to know what to do to help us.

I can say with certainty that we have seen a significant payoff in the investment we made in your services. With your assistance, EET Inc. is now on its way to our largest and most profitable year. Our senior management team as well as all supervisors and team leaders are 100% focused on the goals and controls process. We are also operating with a high degree of internal communication, trust and cooperation toward these goals.

Congratulations on a job well done, and worth every penny of your fee. Any company with employees should use your services.

Sonny Newman
EE Technologies, Inc.